How to Destroy a Galaxy

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Sure, we see planet killers and planet destroyers and other miscellaneous planet ending disasters all the time in sci-fi and elsewhere... but how many times do we get to see a galaxy destroyer (or ways to destroy all life in a galaxy)?

What: The Ancient Weapon On Dakara
Seen in: Stargate SG-1
Purpose: Originally used by the Ancients to "re-seed" life in the galaxy (after the great plague). Used by SG1 (slightly modified) to wipe out the Replicators.
Method: After it's activated, it charges up then "detonates" affecting the current planetary surface and surround space (typically solar system). Affects entire galaxy by linking to every stargate just prior to activation.

What: Halo
Seen in: Halo: Combat Evolved (and Halo 2) for Xbox
Purpose: Built by the Forerunners, designed to study, contain, and prevent the Flood from spreading throughout the galaxy (by starving them of the minimum sentience and bio-mass they need to survive).
Method: Destroys all life that can sustain the Flood in its maximum range of 25,000 light years. Since there are six in this galaxy, it's more than enough to wipe out all life in our 100,000 light years diameter galaxy.

What: Wormhole Weapon
Seen in: Farscape
Purpose: Wormholes, originally for traveling vast intergalactic distances. When made into a wormhole weapon, it was used by Crichton to prove how "insane" that weapon was (a weapon of total destruction - capable of destroying the universe) and to end the war between the Peacekeepers and Scarrans
Method: John Crichton sits in a mental projection chair and uses the unlocked wormhole knowledge (given to him by "Einstein," a member of the Ancients).

What: Quantum Explosion Dynamo
Seen in: Commander Keen episode V
Purpose: A weapon aboard the starship Omegamatic, manned by the Shikadi -- used as a distraction by Keen's arch nemesis, Mortimer McMire, whose real plan was to destroy the universe.
Method: Blows up the galaxy with a "100,000 light year diameter quantum explosion."

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